How To Keep IPhone Running Smoothly?

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iPhone is one of the popular gadgets among those who want to carry something sophisticated and impressive. It is an expensive version of the mobile phones. After even a minor damage you would have to pay a heavy price for the iPhone repair. The phone might get repaired but the performance is negatively impacted. If you want to keep your iPhone running smoothly for a long time it is important to take good care of the iPhone right from the first day. It is important to take good care of the physical appearance, and the software both. Some easy ways to keep the iPhones working without any problem are as follows:

1. Maintenance of charging port

Most of the iPhones face the problem of charging ports. It happens when the port is unclean or clogged. The easiest and the handiest way of getting the port clear is the toothpick. If you have the SIM removal tool it can be used as well. It is important to remember that your phone is running on the battery. If you damage the port it means that you would not be able to charge. Hence, if you are cleaning the port on your own be very careful. Some iPhone experts also suggest using canned air for cleaning. If the things are still not working the way you expected it is better to contact the trusted repair stations or the Apple service providers in your area for a proper overhauling of the charging port.

2. The audio system

Although the mobile phones are currently serving a number of purposes but the core job is to stay connected. Listening to the phone calls and getting the perfect sounds from the speakers is very important. The microphone is equally important in this process to send the clear and crisp sounds to the listener. If the debris is visible, then you can just simply clean it with the toothbrush that has soft bristles. Use a sticking tape to remove the tiny dust particles just like you do waxing.

3. The overall cleaning of the phone

Due to constant contact with the hands the phone starts getting marks. This makes the screen look dirty and negatively impacts the impression of the phone as well. Sprays are available on the market that are meant for cleaning the phone thoroughly. You can even buy the fingerprint-resistant oil repellent to keep the phone clear and clean.

4. Don’t ignore the headphone jack

If you want to listen to your favourite audios in silence or want to talk to your best friend in private, then you would definitely plug in the headphone. The health of the headphone jack ensures that you are getting and sending the sounds perfectly without any problem. Cleaning the headphone jack is similar to the cleaning the charging port.

5. Keep the battery healthy

The performance of the phone rests on the battery life. The heavy users often find it a difficult thing. The battery refuses to help the functioning if it loses the strength. Get the battery recalibrated regularly. In this way the battery would perform well and last longer than they expect.

6. More storage space

In case of more apps installed the phone starts lagging. Keep clearing the storage space. Keep clearing the storage space. Never let the unused apps stay for long. Manage the images, videos and audios as well so that the phone storage is not over filled. Keep deleting the unnecessary messages.